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Another Four Cryptocurrency Exchanges Add Chronobank’s TIME

Another Four Cryptocurrency Exchanges Add Chronobank s TIME

It has been revealed that TIME – the Ethereum token with a stake in ChronoBank – will be utilized by several new exchanges.

According to CoinMarketCap, most of TIME’s volume is currently exploited by Livecoin, an exchange registered in London that began work in 2015.

Another marketplace making use of ChronoBank’s token is Liqui. Although it is a new and rather small exchange, it has proven quite flexible in terms of adding new coins.

Mercatox is a professional platform that until recently focused exclusively on bitcoin. Apparently, they have decided to diversify the digital currency offered for trading by adding TIME.

EtherDelta offers users the opportunity of decentralized trade. Built on Ethereum, the exchange allows peer-to-peer transactions with minimal risk of hacking or technical glitches.

Blockchain-based project ChronoBank, which completed its crowdsale by raising $5.4 million, is now actively looking to promote TIME. The company’s CEO Sergei Sergienko emphasizes the initiative’s current quest for listings with larger exchanges as well as the help ChronoBank is ready to provide to guarantee that compliance and technical requirements are met.