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Adult Site Now Accepting Bitcoin as Payment Method

Adult Site Now Accepting Bitcoin as Payment Method

One of the world's largest porn sites has now started to accept the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a payment method to gain access to their exclusive content. Unlike illegal torrent based porn sites, is one of largest legal porn sites offering their piquant videos to users who are willing to pay to receive high quality movies. already offers the traditional payment methods such as credit cards and PayPal, but have decided to integrate Bitcoins as a payment method to reach a new crowd and grow their revenues. While it is not anything new that the porn industry accepts Bitcoins as payments, the size of makes it by far the largest site to integrate the payment method so far and might help the Bitcoin grow into a higher value over time.

One of the main reasons for the integration of Bitcoins as a payment method is quite simple, as it is due to the anonymity it provides for users, who are not particularly interested in having porn transactions show up on their bank statements or something similar. Another reason is also that many still feel unsafe providing credit card information to smaller sites, making Bitcoins a perfect alternative to avoid any worries and scams from occuring. are using BitPay - one of the leading Bitcoin payment services - as their payment service provider and believe  that the partnership will be good, despite a small problem with BitPay wanting to accept adult sites as a merchant.  

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