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Adult Site Live Jasmin Now Accepting Bitcoins

Adult Site Live Jasmin Now Accepting Bitcoins

Good news for those who likes to buy premium services when they “shop” for online erotic shows and movies, as one of the leading online webcam sites Live Jasmin announced today that they are accepting Bitcoin payments for their services.

There are many reasons why we have seen several adult sites integrating Bitcoin as a payment method in recent years. First and foremost it is a very low-cost way of accepting payments, which leads to a higher profit-share for the sites.

Secondly, and perhaps more important to many, it allows users to purchase their content without being tracked. The industry still struggles with the fact that many people are not interested in letting their banks know that they purchase adult content online, which can be solved with the anonymous Bitcoin.

Overall it seems like a win/win situation for both the companies and the users who are willing to buy the services. Live Jasmin is a big player in the industry and this could lead to many other sites integrating the Bitcoin as a payment method, thus increasing the need for Bitcoins and maybe longterm the value.

The Bitcoin could also attract new customers to the site, who might have been buying services from other sites already accepting Bitcoins.

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