| On 4 years ago

Ad-Free Bitcoin Faucet Introduced by CryptoBatesGroup


Tired of Bitcoin faucets packed with advertisements that literally make you forsake the free coins and leave the site for good? The great news is that CryptoGiveAways.org has come up with a user-friendly and ad-freealternative faucet that has no pop-ups yet offers precious coins. The site aims at popularizing cryptocurrency adoption and targets new Bitcoin users by providing extensive guidance on encryption, mining, wallets and the blockchain.

Androidicus and BatesResearch (Adam Rivzi) who are well known in the Bitcoin user community set up CryptoGiveAways as a project funded by donations. They are part of the CryptoBatesGroup enterprise which has numerous Bitcoin projects under its name.

The site’s beta, which launched on Jan 28, allows for 1,000 claims every 24 hours. Upon achieving full automation of the Bitcoin faucet, claims will be processed every few hours. Another development in the pipeline foresees expanding the number of cryptocurrencies offered through the site.