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82% of Stolen Bitcoins Paid Back by Silk Road 2.0

82% of Stolen Bitcoins Paid Back by Silk Road 2.0

When the new version of Silk Road came online, the dealers and drug users of the Bitcoin world cheered. Finally they had a place to buy and sell drugs anonymously again, without having to worry so much about the feds and similar. The happiness was short though, as the site was hacked only a few months into it, resulting in a loss of around 4,476 Bitcoins worth around $2.6 million at the time.

To try and ensure that Silk Road 2.0 could continue operating, the management of the site decided to do a seven step repayment plan to their users. Part of the plan was to have moderators not getting paid and that there would be a small price mark-up to get back some of the lost money. The status by May 27th is that 82% of all customer funds has been repaid, Moderator Defcon announced in a statement on Deep Dot Web.

“In less than 30 days, I will be drafting an unprecedented announcement that your resilience made possible: the announcement that Silk Road has repaid all victims of our February hack.” The statement read.

“We are sending a clear message of integrity and justice, louder than the slander our oppressors can push into the news. History will prove that we are not criminals, we are revolutionaries.” it added.

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