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50 Cent Accepts Bitcoin Payments for New Album

50 Cent Accepts Bitcoin Payments for New Album

The new album "Animal Ambition" from the famous rapper 50 Cent has been released for purchase through different online media's and despite not getting too many positive reviews, he still managed to get a ton of publicity out of it. How?  He simply allowed Bitcoin users to purchase his album using their favourite cryptocurrency.

So why all the publicity over an artist deciding to sell his music for Bitcoins? Well first of all because 50 Cent is not just some random unknown underground indie group, but he is, hate him or love him, one of the best selling rappers in newer times and could be a massive tool to help the mainstream public get an eye for and understand what a Bitcoin is.

However it is worth noting that Fifthy isn't with his usual record label anymore, but instead signed with a smaller one who sells their music through Shopify and uses BitPay as their Bitcoin payment processor. While they are probably aware that they will not make millions offering Bitcoin as a payment method, it will be interesting to see exactly how many copies will be sold using the cryptocurrency as a payment method.

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