| On 6 years ago

$23,000 Bounty Offered By Online Tailor To Catch DDoS Attackers


An online tailor from the UK has decided to offer a $23,000 bounty in order to catch the people who DDoS attacked his site earlier this week and then claimed a ransom after the attacks. Aria Taheri, owner of the company, told to CRN that his site was attacked and hacked Monday and that the attackers claimed a 16.66 Bitcoin ransom, equal to around $4,500 at today’s rate.

“The message to the hackers is that I will spend a significant amount of money to bring them to justice. Our track record shows that we have done that before, and based on that track record I am fairly confident we can do that [again].” Taheri told to CRN, hoping that these hackers could be brought to justice.

The attackers told Taheri that if he did not pay the amount, his website would be taken down on Wednesday October 21st. There has been no reports if the site was actually taken down by the hackers, who might have gotten intimidated by the bounty on their heads.

The company also made an advert on Twitter for the bounty, which you can see below. Let’s hope that these DDoS attackers will be caught soon, so the Bitcoin doesn’t have to be involved in these horrible illegal cases and can continue to work towards being accepted in the mainstream society.