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$22 Billion Claimed By Creditors In Mt Gox Bankruptcy Case

22 Billion Claimed By Creditors In Mt Gox Bankruptcy Case

The case against the now defunct online Bitcoin exchange site Mt Gox seems to never end, having taken another crazy twist these days as a new report has been released on their website.

The report shows that a little over 24,000 claims has been made by credits of Mt Gox, totalling at $22 billion, or what is equal to more than six times the current market capitalization of the Bitcoin these days.

The trustees in the Mt Gox case will now have to go through each individual case to find out which ones are legitimate and which aren’t, to find out exactly what the correct number owed away is and how to solve the issue.

The authorities doesn’t seem to be able to figure out how the exchange went bankrupt however, as the case has been running for well over a year without any new evidence seeing the light of day. Mark Karpeles himself claims to be a victim in the case, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of money is missing - both in fiat-currencies and in Bitcoins.

Karpeles is currently being investigated by the Tokyo Police for his role in the case and will have to appear in front of a court once again.