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UN Agency Begins a Cryptocurrency Cybercrime Training Programme

UN Agency Begins a Cryptocurrency Cybercrime Training Programme

The United Nations agency has developed a new cryptocurrency training program in order to fight trafficking of drugs and stop organised crime. The agency is working with Blockchain start-up Chainalysis to help in developing the programme. 

The focus will be on bitcoin tracing and will be part of a wider financial investigation with follow-up training dedicated to improving institutional knowledge of the technology.

UNODC’s point person on cybercrime, Neil Walsh stated: "It is thanks to donor Governments such as the USA, UK, Norway that UNODC GPML has been able to develop and deliver the innovative course.”

This week the UN Office on Drugs and Crime announced its "Cryptocurrency Investigation Train-the-Trainers", which will partner with law enforcement officials from 22 countries.

Other entities within the UN have been testing the technology to establish whether it is able to send remittances, deliver financial aid and assist in stopping child poverty.