Ice-Dive Review

Ice Dice

Ice-Dice is one of the newest Bitcoin dice sites on the block and tried to stand out from the crowd with some innovative features, such as a betting bot and allowing players to bet on the dice to land between the numbers they prefer. These features soon became integrated on several of the other Bitcoin dice sites however, making it more difficult for Ice-Dice to stand out from the crowd.

The minimum betting amount with Ice-Dice is 0.00001 Bitcoin, allowing even the players with very small amounts of Bitcoins to play a fair game. You can earn 0.005 Bitcoin for free when you register on Ice-Dice, simply by tweeting about their dice site. Once the tweet has been posted and you have followed the other instructions, 0.005 Bitcoin will be credited to your account and you can try out the site for free. To be able to withdraw the free bonus you will need to wager 1.5 Bitcoins, which makes it hard, but  not impossible with a good run.

House Edge

Ice-Dice has a house edge of 2%, which is very standard for Bitcoin dice sites but low in general compared to regular dice sites. A 2% house edge provides fair games for all players and provides you with a very high chance of winning lots of Bitcoins and the edge is provable fair. To prove that all games are completely fair, Ice-Dice have integrated a menu where you can enter the server hash and see if everything is as it should be. Furthermore you can see all bets placed by the other players on the site and that way through also see if the house edge is as they say or not.


Browser Game

Playing on Ice-Dice can be done through your internet browser or on your mobile device, with no need to download any platform or similar. When you visit Ice-Dice you will automatically have an account created for you and get a unique wallet address to make deposits to. It doesn't take very long to begin playing the dice game and with the added features that Ice-Dice offers it is a great site for both new and experienced players. The graphics on the site are very simple, but still very nice to look at and doesn't bother you at all while playing.

With Ice-Dice you can choose which numbers you want to bet in between, instead of having the site determine it for you. To give you an example of what that means, in regular sites you will be forced to bet over or under 50 if you choose to have 50% chance of winning. In Ice-Dice you can choose to bet 25-75 instead or 6-56 if you prefer that. This feature makes it possible to customize your betting range and makes it a little more fun rolling the dice. You can always see what your chances of winning are, what the profit will be and the odds that you receive on the bet that you want to place.

You can also create your own betting bot, which place automatic bets for you within the ranges you customize it to. You can set the base auto bet, the target profit, loss multiplier, max auto bet, max total loss and how long a delay there should be between each bet. The betting bot was very unique to begin with, since it provided players with no technical experience to create their own bot and play dice games easily. Nowadays more and more dice sites has started to integrate it, but Ice-Dice was among the pioneers of creating it.

To make the site more secure, you can also add Google authenticator to your account, ensuring that nobody but you can gain access to your account and steal your Bitcoins or gamble them away.


Deposits and Cash Outs

Ice DiceDepositing Bitcoins to Ice-Dice is very simple. Once you have created your account, you simply click on the Bitcoin logo, click deposit and send the Bitcoins to the unique address provided to you. Once they have been send, they'll land in your account within 10-40 minutes and you can start to roll the dice.

For withdrawals you once again have to click the Bitcoin logo button, choose withdrawals and enter the amount you want to withdraw and your unique Bitcoin wallet address. Once submitted you'll receive the Bitcoins in your account within 24 hours and usually faster.


To contact Ice-Dice is quite simple, as you go to the FAQ section of the site and press the "How to contact you" button. There you'll find the email address of the support department and most likely also the answer to the question that you have. Emails are replied to within 24 hours.

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