Crypto-Trade Cryptocurrency Exchange

Crypto-Trade is one of the leading online cryptocurrency exchange sites, where it is possible to trade Bitcoins and a wide variety of alternative coins. Based out of Hong Kong, Crypto-Trade has seen a huge growth in their customer base after alternative coins became so popular to trade and with the release of more than 100 different coins now the market simply continues to grow. Selling multiple cryptocurrencies is what differentiates Crypto-Trade from most other exchanges as they mainly deal with Bitcoin and in few cases also the Litecoin, but never any of the small value coins that are also on the market.

Despite being a new company so is Crypto-Trade already a well known, established and respected site as the company behind is a large corporation and has a large liquidity. The site is a silver member of the Bitcoin Foundation which means that they are officially supporting the Bitcoin and helps financially developing and market it. The security level of Crypto-Trade is very high as you will need to not only choose a strong password, but also choose a 5-digit pin code that will be asked to be pressed in on a regular basis. Furthermore they use all the encryption and SSL certificates they need to encrypt your data and handle money transactions completely safe.

You have access to different graphs, market prices, selling and buying prices, sell orders and buying orders as well as the trade history of Crypto-Trade so you can see the last 50 trades. These features makes it easy for you to see how the market currently is and when you should buy, sell or simply just wait and see what happens. For investment purposes, Crypto-Trade is one of the best places you can decide to open up an account.

Funding Your Account

If you need to be able to purchase any sort of cryptocurrency then you will need to upload funds to your account so you can place buying orders. You can choose between dollars and euro's as the currency you want to upload, so we recommend that you choose the option that will cost you the least in conversion fees and so on.

Choose the currency that you want to upload funds with, select the payment method that you prefer, choose the amount of money you want to upload and submit the payment. You will then be taken to a third party website of the payment method you have selected and from there you login with your credentials and initiate the payment. As soon as the money has been received, you will see them inside your account under balances. You can choose between Perfect Money, OKPay, Payeer and EgoPay when you want to upload funds to your account.

Withdrawing Money

Withdrawing funds works the same way as depositing money to your account, as you will need to choose which one of the currencies you want to withdraw and the payment method of which you wish to be paid on.

To initiate a withdrawal you click the currency you want to withdraw, choose the payment method from the list of methods, enter your account details, the amount you want to withdraw and your withdrawal pin and then your payment is on its way. Usually withdrawals will take a couple of days, but may take longer or shorter depending on the backlog of payments waiting. 

Buying Cryptocurrency

When you want to buy one of the different cryptocurrencies that is available within Crypto-Trade then you need to go to the trade cryptos menu. There you will be able to see the 20 different markets that they offer you to trade, ranging from buying the larger coins with real currency to buying the smaller unknown coins for Litecoin and Bitcoins. Each market is clearly marked with how it works and what you will be trading, so it should be relatively easy for you to understand exactly how to do.

To buy the cryptocurrencies you will then need to choose the amount of coins that you want to purchase and the price that you want to pay for each one of them. You will then be able to see the total fee and total transaction cost if someone is willing to sell to you. Once you have accepted the order it will be placed on the trading market and potential sellers can see your order and accept it or not.

Once you have found a person that is willing to sell to you at the price you have specified, you will receive the coins into your account immediately after and the money/coins you used to pay with will be deducted from your account. 

Selling Cryptocurrency

Selling cryptocurrencies works the same way as when you buy them, as you need to choose the right market that you want to sell them on so you receive either money or another coin for the coins you are selling. Once you have chosen the right market you want to sell in you have to enter the amount of coins you want to sell and the price you want for each one of them. You will then be able to see the total value of the order minus the fee that Crypto-Trade charges for you using their service.

The order will then be placed on the market and potential buyers can see it and decide to buy your coins if they feel like your offer is fair. Once done you will receive the money/coins that you specified when placing the link and the buyer will receive your coins.

Transferring Cryptocurrency

If you need to transfer any coins to or from Crypto-Trade then you need to go to your account balance and choose the coin that you want to transfer. There you will be given the choice of depositing the coins, which gives you the unique wallet address you need in order for people to send you coins or you can press withdraw coins and be able to send money to other peoples wallets. 

Trading Fees

Crypto-Trade charges a fixed fee for all transactions made within their website, whether you are buying, selling or transferring coins. The fees varies from coin to coin and currency to currency, so we recommend that you take a look at their fee schedule on the website.

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