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CoinBase Bitcoin Exchange

CoinBase is one of the leading Bitcoin exchange sites, founded in 2012 and based in San Francisco USA. They were among the Bitcoin exchanges that grew massively when the Bitcoin had its first boom and have over one million consumers that have joined their site since the launch. CoinBase only offers you the possibility to buy and sell Bitcoins and no other cryptocurrencies, making it a place that you should only use if you want to buy and sell Bitcoins fast and secure.

With its fast and secure transactions, good Bitcoin prices and easy withdrawal systems, CoinBase is one the most solid and reputable places for you to start your Bitcoin adventure. Opening your account and doing your first transactions is simple and fast and makes it possible for you to begin investing, playing or buying with your Bitcoins within a couple of hours only. Depending on the volume of Bitcoins that you are looking to buy, you will also have to verify your identity in order to purchase higher volumes.

Another great feature that CoinBase offers is the recurring payments function, where you can set CoinBase's system to buy and sell Bitcoins on a regular basis, subscribe to merchant services, pay your bills and schedule future payments so you never miss out on any payments you should have made.

The price of the Bitcoin is updated automatically in the system and shows you the current buying and selling price, which will always have a few dollars of difference as that is how CoinBase makes their money. You can also use CoinBase as a Bitcoin wallet and send and receive Bitcoins with ease with a small or no fee attached to it.

Buying Bitcoins

Purchasing Bitcoins through CoinBase is a very simple process, as you simply need to register an account with CoinBase, verify your bank details and your phone number and you are ready to go. All of this only takes a few moments and allows you to upload money to your account so you can buy Bitcoins.

Once fully verified you simply place an order for the amount of Bitcoins that you want to purchase and CoinBase will show you exactly the amount of money that they will deduct from your bank account. Since bank transfers in general takes a little time, you will not receive the Bitcoins instantly, but it might take a few days before they are in your account.

If you want to be able to buy Bitcoins instantly, then you need to add and verify a credit card. The process is very fast and once it has been fully verified it allows you to buy Bitcoins instantly by using it. 

Withdrawing Funds

Withdrawing the money you have in your account can be done by requesting a bank transfer or to your credit card. It is simple as you only need to sell your Bitcoins and the money will automatically be send to your account within a couple of days, depending on your bank. 

Transferring Coins

Transferring coins to another user or to another wallet of yours can be done fast and simple by making a send money/Bitcoin request. You simply have to fill in the receiving party's wallet address, the amount of Bitcoins or funds you want to send and fill in the optional message and the Bitcoins are on its way. Transfers takes 10-50 minutes depending on the Bitcoin network, so it is basically instant.

Requesting Payments

If you want to receive Bitcoins or money in your account from other users then you have to make a payment request in CoinBase's system. The payment request sends an email to the user you need to receive from, with the amount that you have specified that you need to receive and with your unique wallet address. Once the other party has send you the Bitcoins or funds it will be credited to your account and you can do whatever you want with it. 

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoins

Buying and selling Bitcoins with CoinBase is very easy and only takes a few moments to go through the system. The buying and selling price is always decided by CoinBase and once you have placed a buying or selling order in the system by filling in the needed fields, then your order will be processed.

When you buy coins you simply fill in the amount of Bitcoins that you want to purchase and the total amount of money you will have to pay will appear. From there you choose if you want to pay with your bank or with your credit card and as soon as CoinBase has received your money they will transfer the Bitcoins to your account.

When you are selling your Bitcoins it is the same process, where you fill in the amount of Bitcoins that you want to sell and see how much you will be paid in total. You will then receive the funds in your bank account or on your credit card within a few banking days and the order has been successful. There is nothing else to do, making CoinBase a very easy place to buy and sell your Bitcoins.


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