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Bitcoin Charts

What is Bitcoin Charts?

Bitcoin Charts is a site dedicated to provide Bitcoin speculators and enthusiasts with market data, shown in charts so they are easier to interpret. They collect the price data for all the major Bitcoin exchange sites and shows their volume, bid and asking price, the low and high prices of the Bitcoin as well as the average price for each exchange site. You are also able to see the value of a Bitcoin displayed in your local currencies as the 37 biggest currencies in the world can be selected instead of USD.

You can also go and see different charts for each Bitcoin exchange site, where you'll find bar charts and candlestick charts that shows the movement of the price. There you simply have to select the exchange site you want to pull the numbers and the time period you want to see the numbers from. Once you have set these two options, then you can choose between which chart type you want displayed, the price band, moving averages, technical indicators and much more. For the chart lover this is paradise as all information regarding the Bitcoin is available.

You can also find hard facts about the Bitcoin, where you can read more about the economy of the Bitcoin as well as the blocks that needs to be mined. These information provides you with the facts that you need on the side of the charts, so you have background knowledge of the movement of the Bitcoin. Bitcoin Charts also updates with Bitcoin news every single day, taking news stories from all the biggest sites that writes about Bitcoins and post it there. With all of these of these features, it is a sure browsing place for Bitcoin lovers every single day.

What Can I Use It For?

Bitcoin Charts is an ideal website for people who are investing in Bitcoins or has some that they want to sell at the correct time. You will be provided with all the technical data that you need in order to create a technical analysis, which should be able to help you invest properly and wise into the Bitcoin. You will be provided with data from all the biggest and most well known Bitcoin exchange sites, who provides a constant flow of the latest prices and volume. You can use this in the charts section where you create the charts to show you the information's that you are interested in seeing and nothing else.

For the regular Bitcoin user it is also a site that is worth following, simply because of the news and facts about the Bitcoin which updates constantly. You can follow the latest price movements from your exchange sites and quickly see when to buy or sell your Bitcoins so you get the best value out of it.