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AlfaCashier Bitcoin Exchange

AlfaCashier Bitcoin exchange is a Russian based and faced Bitcoin and Litecoin exchange site, founded in 2013. The site is very innovative as it is made to buy and sell Bitcoins and Litecoins instantly from and to the site and get instant money through online wallets or get a bank transfer directly. Basically you will go to the exchange site and choose which payment method you want to use to buy coins or which coin you would like to receive money for in a specific payment method and see what the going rate for it is. You will not be selling or buying from other users, but instead from the AlfaCashier site itself.

As a relatively new concept and site, AlfaCashier has yet to establish a solid reputation in the cryptocurrency world, but has managed to sign up over 15,000 traders who are using the service on a regular basis without any problems. The site use all the necessary encryption to keep your data safe and no payments are made within the site, but instead through the different payment providers own site so you can feel safe when you do your trades. The prices of the different coins goes up and down accordingly with the market value and always provides a decent price for you no matter if you are buying or selling coins.

You have access to charts of the Bitcoin and Litecoin price movements over the past couple of months, so you can see the movement of the coins value and look for the best time to invest to get the most value out of your coins. 

Buying Bitcoins / Litecoins

To buy Bitcoins or Litecoins is very simple through AlfaCashier as you will simply need to go to the exchanger and choose the payment method which you want to use for paying for the cryptocurrency. Once you have chosen the payment method you need to choose between Bitcoin or Litecoin and see the going rate for them when you are buying.

Once you have decided on a coin you simply press payment method you want to pay with, choose the coin you want, enter the amount of coins you want to buy and submit the order. You will then be taken to the payment method's website where you will need to login with your credentials and initiate the payment towards AlfaCashier. Once the payment has been done you will receive the coins in the wallet you have specified you want to receive them in and then you are done. It is very simple and fast to use this service and despite the slightly higher and lower rates it is worth it if you want a quick and reliable service.

Selling Bitcoins / Litecoins

Selling your coins works the exact same way as when you want to buy them. You go to the exchanger and choose which one of your coins that you want to sell and then choose the payment method of which you want to be paid on. Once you have selected these two options then you will be taken to the confirmation screen where you will have to enter your account details, the amount of coins you will be selling and see the amount of money you will be receiving.

Once you have confirmed the order and send the coins to AlfaCashier, then you will receive your funds within 1-72 hours depending on the method you have chosen and the order has been successful. 


You can sign up for AlfaCashier by clicking here and buy and sell Bitcoins/Litecoins fast and easy.