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Worldwide casino market almost saturated

Worldwide casino market almost saturated

There aren't many places in the United States where a person isn't within a 3 hours drive from a casino. The saturation of the US land-based casino market is evident, but what is the significance

of this for the casinos themselves? It means they will keep growing but not independtly or from scratch as most have done so already, they will instead shift towards mergers and diversification, namely into the online world.

This is no exception, international markets are also quite saturated. Europe has already peaked and is in a similar situation as the US. Southeast Asia and Latin America are less saturated but are thus, calling the attention of US and EU based casinos looking to expand and open new markets.

The next step for most land-based casino corporations is moving to online operations. This is evident especially in Europe where most brick and mortar casinos have a mirror online venue and it's also trending in the US where Nevada and Jersey based venues have already begun to merge and partner with online gaming corporations.