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Western Fair casino to turn ‘family friendly’

Western Fair casino to turn family friendly

The Canadian casino giant, Gateway Casinos & Entertainment, will submit a proposal to politicians regarding the plans to expand operations at the Western Fair. Keith Andrews, senior vice-president of Gateway Casinos and Entertainment, will put forth a plan at a council committee meeting for a new gaming complex. The planned complex would have a plethora of dining options and probably a hotel, which would create 700 new jobs for the natives.

According to the Gateway spokesperson Rob Mitchell, “We’re family friendly casino. We’re not like traditional casinos; we’re not like the existing facility which is the slots-in-a-box model. We are about bright, new modern buildings with open spaces and public spaces."

So far the discussions have taken place behind closed doors at city hall. But, Londoners have still got some details of the proposal.

The current moves from the Canada’s biggest private casino operator make one thing clear, i.e., the group is trying for a better deal than they have got now after taking over of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s lease at the Western Fair District.

Rob Mitchell had said that they have to build a new casino, and they are negotiating with the city to acquire land to do that.

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment operate in various cities and towns across Canada. The group owns gaming bundles, which was earlier run by OLG in southwestern and northern Ontario. These include slots in Clinton, Woodstock, Hanover, Dresden and a casino in Point Edward.

The Western Fair District (WFD) is a multi-faceted complex based out of London, Ontario – in total operating in 12 casinos in British Columbia and Alberta. Through its facilities and programming, WFD serve as a leading entertainment and recreation center for the residents of London and far beyond. The annual Western Fair event has been one of the big attractions of the entertainment destination.