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VueTec Ltd analysis of online and live casino gaming

VueTec Ltd analysis of online and live casino gaming

Online gaming has been thriving thanks to an increase in popularity and public perception and especially because of so many advances in technology which now allows online players to enjoy safer and more secure gaming with incredibly rich and smooth graphics and animations, better payour percentages than land-based casinos and an unprecednted level of comfort and convenience. In view of these developments, VueTec has analysed the online gaming market and has found the following results.

The global online gaming (or gambling) market was valued at almost €22 billion in 2012, of which affiliate partners were responsible for roughly 10% of that income. The undisputed king of online gambling was sports betting, with €11.5 billion or 53% of the the combined gross win of 2012. This figure was followed by casino, with €5.5 billion, poker with €3.1 billion and finally bingo with only €1.6 billion.

The analysis also adds insight into the reasons for growth, including consumer preference and technological innovation as the main reasons. Other factors include economic resilience and evolving laws. The United States accounted for only 11% of the global online gaming market despite the limitations and difficulties faced by US online players.

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