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Vietnam plans to open casino gambling to residents next year

Vietnam plans to open casino gambling to residents next year

Vietnam has many casino resorts that has been built over the recent years in Vietnam. This has created job opportunities for its citizens and it has also increased tourism as foreigners throng in numbers here to try their hands in the casino. However, it also has a negative side to it. Casino offerings in Vietnam are only meant for the foreigners. Thankfully this might soon change as a casino located on Phu Qoc Island has announced that they will extend its opening for the Vietnamese citizens. Reak estate developer Vingroup's casinos have taken approval for providing gambling offerings to the locale as a part of a three-year pilot program.

The Vietnamese citizens will be able to gamble at casino but they need to meet a number of criteria for being able to enjoy at the casino during the pilot program. The rules assert that the prospective gamblers must be at least 21 years old and must be able to show an income of 10 million Vietnamese dong per month. Interested people would be required to pay a daily entrance fee of 1 million dong. They could also buy monthly passes for 25 million dong to enjoy gambling at casinos.

Reports suggest that the Vietnam government suffer a loss due to a lack of availability of casinos in Vietnam as people travel to Cambodia to gamble because the law prohibits them from participating in gambling in their own country.

Vietnam is a thriving casino industry, thus it is most likely that it might draw investors who are looking forward to expand their growth in gambling industry. Allowing people to gamble within their state would prove beneficial for the government as well as it would generate revenues for the country.