| On 4 years ago

Vietnam Grants Nationals Casino Access and Gambling Rights


A decree permitting Vietnamese citizens to gamble at casinos has been approved by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc. The document covers not only Vietnamese based in the country but also nationals living abroad with a valid passport, as well as foreigners.

After the regulation comes into force on March 15, the Ministry of Finance will start to accept applications by interested individuals. The requirements that applicants have to meet are the following:

   §   Be 21 years of age or above

   §   Have full capacity for civil acts of individuals

   §   Have proof of a regular monthly income of 10 million VND (USD 450) or be subjected to third degree taxation according to the individual income tax law

If approved, candidates will be granted admission to casinos on a three-year trial basis which is subject to renewal. Players will have to pay a casino entry fee amounting to 1 million VND (USD 45) per day or 25 million VND (USD 1,126) per month.

The decree also sets out provisions for enterprises eligible to operate casinos. These companies should possess a Certification of Business and represent conditioned commercial acts. Furthermore, casino businesses are required to be related to the companies’ main activity so as to contribute to the development of Vietnam’s tourism, entertainment and trade industries.