| On 7 years ago

US Online Gambling to Generate $300M in Gross Win for 2014


The online gambling market in the United States is set to generate up to $300 million in gross wins for the year 2014 which is good news for the few licensed operators in the country despite the rocky start. According to H2 Gambling Capital, most of the growth will come from the most populated states on both coasts.

Joel Keeble, a special projects director at H2 Gambling Capital, has published a series of articles on the subject and according to him, despite the slow moving forward of the initiatives, individual states will eventually end up regulating online gambling and poker. But for this to happen sooner than later and to motivate the more traditional and conservative states, the most populous ones, like California, New York and Florida will have to lead by example.

According to Keeble, “Despite the slower than expected start in all three (regulated state) markets H2 remains confident that 2014 will be much stronger with the total onshore igaming gross win across the three states now expected to be just short of US$300m growing to in the region of US$351m in 2015. I don’t anticipate much regulatory activity in other states until 2016, and by 2018 there could be an additional nine states with onshore regulated schemes up and running”.