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US Embassy Asks The Staff To Keep Away from The ‘Casino du Liban’ in Beirut

US Embassy Asks The Staff To Keep Away from The Casino du Liban in Beirut

The US Embassy staff in Lebanon has been asked to stay away from the only licensed gambling site, ‘Casino du Liban’ in Beirut after unspecified threats. The Embassy on Thursday issued a statement which confirmed the banning of the US Government personnel from visiting the casino.

Though the reason for the ban was not specific from the statement, however, the US State Department has long warned US citizens from travelling to the country because of the increasing threats caused by the terrorism, kidnappings and other violent acts.

In January 2015 a planned act of terrorism was averted by the Lebanese security forces at the land-based casino which was to take place on the New Year’s Eve of 2014. The plan was involved terrorists with links to the terror outfit ‘Al-Qaeda- affiliated al-Nusra Front and detonate a vehicle bomb at the entrance of the casino.

Ronald Khoury, CEO, Casino du Liban responded to the statement by the US Embassy saying that it was a routine measure for the Embassy to warn and not an exclusive to Casino du Liban. Khoury also revealed the casino had taken steps to prevent the cars from coming into the casino site.