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Two accused of drugging, robbing tourist at casino

Two accused of drugging robbing tourist at casino

The Florida Police is searching two women suspected of drugging a tourist in the casino and the robbing them of a $ 15,00 Rolex watch and $ 1,000 in cash.  

The Broward Sheriff's Office released surveillance footage this week in the hope that the public can help in identifying the "sweet-talking duo" who are involved in this case at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood on Sept 13.

While at the slot machines the security video shows the blonde-haired suspect pouring a substance into the victim's drink and then handing it to him," police stated. "Immediately after taking it, he said he felt drugged and had difficulty moving."

The victim and both the women left the casino in which one helped him to get the can, the Broward Sheriff's Office says. 

"When he woke up in the morning he discovered $1,000 and a gold and silver Rolex worth approximately $15,000 were missing," police stated.