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Tornado damages portion of roof at Oklahoma Casino

Tornado damages portion of roof at Oklahoma Casino

On Saturday night high winds and torrential rains accompanying a Tornado ripped off a roof part of an Oklahoma Casino where Beach Boys were playing a concert. Gov. Mary Fallin also attended the show.

State emergency management officials said an EF1 tornado touched down in a central Oklahoma county overnight ripping off part of Riverwind Casino roof in Norman, Oklahoma. The building was evacuated because of concern the roof would collapse. The Oklahoma Casino operators said they had no time to alert guests before the tornado damaged part of its roof and caused the flood of rain to pour inside. Casino spokeswoman Kym Koch said that the possible tornado hit the facility at the same time the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for the area.

As classified by meteorologists, an EF1 tornado is capable of producing winds up to 110 mph. However, there were no reports of injuries. Gov. Mary Fallin said she had to be evacuated twice during the concert.

Koch concluded the casino has no electricity and parts of the property are closed off for repair works. The casino has canceled all the reservations till Tuesday.