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Three Mexican Federal Judges Suspended due to Corruption

Three Mexican Federal Judges Suspended due to Corruption

Three Mexican federal judges has been suspended after a casino probe had been launched in the already corrupt country, which showed that the three judges had made judgements that benefited casino owners.

The Federal Judiciary Council announced in a statement that they have launched a disciplinary process towards Eduardo Ochoa Torres and Javier Ruben Lozano Martinez from the state of Nuevo Leon as well as Jose Manuel Rodriguez Puerto from the Tamaulipas state. The announcement didn't include which casinos and owners that had allegedly benefited from their rulings, in what is the biggest case against federal judges that have been found to be corrupt.

Three years ago in 2011, the council suspended Luis Armondo Jerezano Trevino for the same, he was at that time based in the state of Coahuila and is still under investigation for his crimes. The three states all borders up to the American state of Texas and the states has seen a large amount of casinos opening up in recent years.

Prosecutors from South Texas seized American bank accounts with more than $3.2 million back in February, which belonged to Trevino and his wife, as they believe that the funds came from bribing officials as well as through money laundering. Trevino had not informed the bank that he was a Mexican judge, which proofs further that he had ruled in favour of casino owners.

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