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The United States President Applies For Casino In Macau

The United States President Applies For Casino In Macau

DTTM Operations LLC, a Delaware registered Trump Organisation company applied for four trademark applications in June, which includes one for casinos in Macau. The company under the brand name of the United States President gives rise to the speculations of the organisation to plan future business in Macau.

The news of the applications was first announced by the South China Morning Post. The company covers gambling and casino services. It also takes care of the real estate, construction, and hospitality services. The new four application cited were similar to the ones applied for in 2006 that lapsed recently due to non-use policy.

The concerns of ethics lawyers and Democratic officials regarding Trump’s trademarks is raising the fear in them of foreign governments getting a chance to influence the White House.  The President has passed on the responsibilities of his business to his son though still retaining the ownership in his name and has pledged not to sign any international deals till his term as the President.

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