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The Sands Hacking Worse Than Expected

The Sands Hacking Worse Than Expected

Casino Giant Las Vegas Sands Corp. told the press Tuesday that the hacker attack on their website and internal systems last week, was worse than previously acknowledged by them. All of the sites belonging to the Sands was down for six whole days, after hackers attacked the site and posted threatening images condemning CEO Sheldon Adelson's comments about using nuclear weapons on Iran.

The Sands said that hackers  crashed their entire mailing system and stole all the employees social security numbers, but a new video found online shows that the hackers might have gotten their hands on something much bigger.

Ron Reese, Spokesman of the Sands, said that the company is currently looking at a 11 minute long video, where it appears that administrator passwords, passwords for slot machines and player information have been stolen as well as a diagram of the internal network of the Sands. Reese said:

“We have now determined that the hackers reached at least some of the company’s internal drives in the US containing some office productivity information made up largely of documents and spreadsheets,”

And continued:

“We are reviewing the video to determine what, if any, customer or employee data may have been accessed.”.

Nevada Gaming Control Board, the FBI and Secret Service are all investigating the hacking of the website and internal systems of the Sands. None of the three services has wanted to make any comments on the issue to the press so far, claiming to not having seen the video or simply not wish to talk to press.

The video was send to Associated Press on Monday, by a person calling himself Zhao Anderson and the video was also released on YouTube later that day by a person using the same name. It has not been possible to confirm the identity of the sender yet.

Adelson is a very big supporter of Israel and donates large amounts of money towards the republican party's campagins. In October last year he said that Israel should drop a nuclear bomb on Iran, as strength is the only thing they understand. 

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