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The Largest Casino Jackpot in the History of Netherlands has Been Won

The Largest Casino Jackpot in the History of Netherlands has Been Won

Saturday night there might have lots of commotion in Holland Casino Enschede, which would be justified giving the fact that one lucky player managed to win the biggest casino jackpot ever in the Netherlands. The player won a total of €2,960,221.50 after taxes had been paid, by spending only €7.50 on the spin on the special jackpot slot machine.

The jackpot starts at €1,000,000, but have in the past few months increased significantly to the new record amount. The lucky winner was very overwhelmed with the massive win and has decided that he wishes to remain anonymous after his winnings, but did share that he is from the city of Twente.

When the press asked the lucky winner what he wanted to do with the money that he had just won, he replied "I will probably buy a new house and a car". He also told the press that he will be playing the WSOP main event this summer as well as other events.

The winner from Twente is a regular at the Holland Casino Enschede and has expressed that he will continue to come back to the casino that brought him a fortune. Branch Manager of Holland Casino Enschede, Johan de Kruijf, told the media that the winner had been acting calmly since the win and had been a pleasant guest of the house.


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