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The Hunt is On for the Robbery in Sioux Falls Casino

The Hunt is On for the Robbery in Sioux Falls Casino

Where there is money, there has to be some sort of scandal. We all are aware of the casino and the huge money that one cashes out if he is a successful gambler and masters his talent. But the recent report from the authorities in Sioux Falls are in may hay as they are looking for a suspected man who is involved with the robbery from the casino on last Sunday night. The robbery took place after 10 pm in the night. The incident took place in the 10th street.

Well, the robbery was a very easy kind of robbery. The robber just showed a knife to an employee of the casino and asked for the cash. The frightened person fearing about his dangers in his life handed him the cash. Still the amount of the cash has not been revealed. However, it is considered to be a huge amount as it is not easy always to rob a casino. However, no person or calamity was reported post the incident.

The suspect is a tall person with height about 5’8’’. He is moderately built as per the report and the concerned authority are unaware of his race and age. However, he has a goatee and is in his midlife age.


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