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Switzerland to introduce new gambling regulations

Switzerland to introduce new gambling regulations

The Department of Justice and Police along with representatives from every Canton will be drafting new laws and regulations for online gambling within the Central European nation. The drafts will be made available for public scrutiny during the second half of 2013.

The Federal Gaming Board has decided that virtual or online gambling should be liberalized while at the same time more resources should be allocated to stoping illegal operations of the same nature.

The decline in revenues for the 21 casinos located within its borders was of 24% for 2012 compared to figures from 2008. The fall of revenues can be explained by the fact that the country is experimenting a decline in Italian gamblers because of the introduction of gambling regulation laws in Italy and the introduction of local Italian online gambling sites. This introduction of online gambling options in Italy and France has clearly had an impact on the performance of landbased Swiss casinos.

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