| On 7 years ago

Steve Wynn Turns Against Online Gambling in the USA


Steve Wynn, the casino magnate and CEO of Wynn Resorts, has once more changed his mind about online gambling in the United States and is now joining Sheldon Adelson’s coalition against internet gambling.

Jon Ralston, a famous Nevada-based journalist, talked to Wynn and reported on his new stance towards online gambling and poker in the USA as, “This is not a good entrepreneurial opportunity. Where is the business opportunity? The big problem I see, is I don’t see the government letting us keep the money”.

Wynn joining forces with Adelson means that the coalition against internet gambling has become much more powerful than it previously was. That is definitely bad news for those pushing for the legalization and regulation of online gambling in the Unites States: two of the most prominent casino billionaires and owners of the two largest American casino corporations are now officialy their nemesis.