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Showboat Casino in Atlantic City Officially Closed

Showboat Casino in Atlantic City Officially Closed

September is a sad month for Atlantic City, as three casinos and hotels are closing down, along with its more than 5,000 employees. Some will turn into being just a hotel, while others, like the Showboat, has yet to be sold and might stand empty for a very long time.


The Mardi-Gras themed casino has been in Atlantic City on the board walk for 27 years and is an iconic symbol of the area. According to local press in Atlantic City, one of the last songs to be played in the Showboat was allegedly Queen's “Another one bites the dust”, which shows how terrible things are going there.


"We're all feeling a little betrayed," Showboat cook Curtis Wade said to "We're all walking around in a fog today. We worked really hard to try to keep it operating, and we're still profitable. We still don't understand why we were the one targeted to close, and nobody has given us an answer on that. There are too many jobs being pushed out of Atlantic City due to corporate greed."


The newly unemployed casino personnel went to the local Atlantic City Convention Center, where they filled for unemployment. Some will receive jobs in cities, as there are competitors around Atlantic City searching for staff, while others might have to chance industries to be able to find a job once again.


One thing is for sure, it is sad to see a landmark in the USA go down the way that Atlantic City is currently doing it. The city needs tourists, but with all the negative press surrounding the city recently, more people are scared away. This will only lead to more closures of casinos and losses of yet more jobs.   

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