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Senator Hwang Becomes Member of Casino Anti-Expansion Alliance in Connecticut

Senator Hwang Becomes Member of Casino Anti Expansion Alliance in Connecticut

State Senator from Fairfield Tony Hwang has joined a 12-group coalition which advocates opposition to opening more off-reservation casinos in Connecticut. The group is planning a publicity campaign to raise awareness of the economic and social setbacks of additional gambling casinos.

Among the main arguments of the coalition against opening a new casino in Hartford are:

   §   It will result in a larger percentage of tax affecting low-income citizens rather than their high-income counterparts

   §   It will not boost the local economy but will likely draw business away from the entertainment and restaurant industries

   §   It might aggravate gambling addiction and have a negative impact on communities

The alliance is also ready to reintroduce their proposal for establishing two casinos in Fairfield County in case the Hartford plan goes through.

Senator Hwang is a representative of the district towns of Fairfield, Newtown, Westport, Weston and Easton.