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Sands Casino Changes Free Play Policy

Sands Casino Changes Free Play Policy

The Sands Casino in Bethlehem has changed their policy with regards to using $45 free play voucher at their casino for the video poker machines. The promotional coupons can still be obtained when paying the $15 bus fare from New York City, but they can now only be used for actual slot machines.

For many years Sands offered $45 coupons for people taking the bus to their casino from New York City. The coupons were accepted by all slot and video poker machines but not anymore. The house edge on video poker is very small and players used the free play money to their advantage, some even made a living buying up large amounts of free play cards to increase their edge.

The buses, mostly departing from Asian communities in New York City, were always full and some homeless people even made a living driving the bus back and forth to the Sands. When getting of the bus the free play tickets were sold right away and an easy profit was made.

After a story by ‘The Morning Call’ the Sands immediately realized their mistake and changed the machines. While this big change affects lots of aspiring gamblers people say that the black market price of the free play coupons will remain similar over time.