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Rivers Casino Revenues Grow During Second Week of Operation

Rivers Casino Revenues Grow During Second Week of Operation

It has only been two weeks since the Rivers Casino & Resort opened, and its total gross gaming revenue rose by about 17% to $3.55 million as compared to the first week of operation. This amount refers to the money left after all winnings have been paid out but before other expenses.

$28.1 million were played during week two at the casino’s 1,150 slots and electronic games, which is almost a 22% increase from the week before. The two snowstorms that occurred the previous week might also have impacted the number of gamblers who showed up at the casino.

Players left $5.7 million at the casino’s 67 game tables (as compared to $4.3 million during the opening week). These revenues grew from $566,000 to $735,000 the second week, while income from poker tables only amounted to $164,649 as compared to $111,492 during the opening week.

The popularity of the Rivers Casino is already affecting the performance of the Saratoga Casino Hotel whose revenue for the week ending Feb.18 was the lowest since the week of Christmas Eve.