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Realistic Games Launches “Fireworks” Slot

Realistic Games Launches Fireworks Slot

The British casino games company, Realistic Games, announced today that they have created their first full-screen slot, dubbed “Fireworks”. The game will work on all platforms, including desktops and mobile devices, and allows people to play from their favourite device.

The game offers five-reels and 10 paylines with lots of colours and fireworks running across the machine. If you don’t get three identical symbols, the fuse will be turned off and the show is cancelled for now.

If you get identical symbols then you will see the fireworks going nuts and you’ll win some great prizes, along with the other prizes that can be won in the game. Players can stop flashing reels at random while the other spins, to maximize the winnings of the player.

Realistic Games’ Commercial Director, Andy Harris, said: “Every supplier is excited about launching new products onto the market, but we genuinely believe Fireworks is one of the best we’ve ever produced. The sense of anticipation and multiple layers of excitement capture in one game exactly what spinning the reels is all about for slots players around the world. It is a brilliant game.”

“Because of that, we were very keen to make the reels and symbols more of a focus so decided it made sense to go full screen. The user interface and experience will be as good as ever and fans of our cabinets can rest assured that we have not abandoned them. We’re just keen to try new ideas, as we are with all of our games.” He added.