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Pomo Indians Continue Negotiations Over Casino Relocation

Pomo Indians Continue Negotiations Over Casino Relocation

Pomo Indians of Coyote Valley Band is negotiating for the possibility of moving the tribe’s Coyote Valley Casino to another location to be built in open field on its 70-acre reservation, to the south of the existing location of the enterprise’s current location so that it can construct single-family housing units on the current site of the casino in northern California.

Though the new casino is about to be the same size as the current venue, it is expected the 250 slots may be expanded by 25 games and the restaurant seating would grow from 50 to 125.

Michael Hunter, Tribal Council Chairman for the Coyote Valley Band Of Pomo Indians, is planning to meet the federal and state officials in Sacramento including representatives from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development In hopes of getting enough funding for the housing part of the scheme and that the plan may additionally see the tribe build a hotel.

While the tribe has been in negotiations with local officials for months, Mendocino County’s continued insistence that it intends to institute a transient occupancy tax on the tribe should it decide to build a hotel next door to its relocated casino.

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