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Pokerstars loses again in New Jersey

Pokerstars loses again in New Jersey

On Monday Pokerstars again lost the battle over keeping the option to buy out the Atlantic Club Casino. An Appellate court in New Jersey ruled in favour of the casino and against the online poker giant who has been eagerly trying to get a foothold in the US online (and continental) market.

New Jersey is by far the best if not maybe the only chance Pokerstars has to enter the regulated American online gambling market. The appellate court decided to uphold a lower court's decision to allow the Atlantic Club Casino to abort the buy-out process.

The Atlantic Club Casino is still for sale, its just much more expensive now than it was before when Pokerstars first offered to buy it out. The difference in price might be due to a newly acquired asset: a license to offer online poker and casino games. The Atlantic Club Casino has been struggling in the last years to keep afloat and produce any kind of revenues, the same as with most casinos in the Eastern state.

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