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Players Splitting Playtech Progressive Jackpot of $408,126

Players Splitting Playtech Progressive Jackpot of 408 126

Playtech is one of the world's biggest and most well known iGaming providers and especially on the casino game front they are huge. This shows by them having a wide range of different jackpot games, which totals to over £15,000,000 in potential payouts to the players.

Now Playtech's "Everybody's Jackpot" game has paid out a massive $408,126 to the players participating in the game, as the game is not similar to other jackpot games where only one wins the prize, here instead the winner gets 70% of the prize, while 30% goes to the losers.

Basically players have to wager a minimum amount of money on the Everybody's Jackpot and if they are successful then they receive part of the jackpot when one lucky player hits it. This means that the lucky winner gets the biggest part of 70% and the last 30% is split amongst the players who have wagered enough to qualify.

Playtech did not inform us about how many players were eligible for the losing part of the jackpot, but they say that the 3x3 slot with eight paylines is a very popular game due to the way it has been build up and due to its great graphics.