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Player Wins €40,263 Jackpot on Online Slot

Player Wins 40 263 Jackpot on Online Slot

Virtue Fusion is not the most popular casino games provider in the online casino industry, but that doesn't mean that they don't have any popular games - far from it. Their Block Bashers online slot has from day one been extremely popular and it continues to grow in popularity every single day, being integrated by new partners worldwide.

Block Bashers is a prehistoric themed slot where the players needs to align the blocks in special patterns to get them to explode and have new symbols drop down, to eventually win the jackpot. The concept is overall similar to that of tetris or a similar game and is not only fun and thrilling, but also worth it payout wise.

Players loves the game due to its progressive jackpot, which grows at such a rapid rate that most players are astonished by it. This year alone, the game has paid out more than €1,200,000 in jackpot winnings and that is next to the regular winnings that players get.

The latest jackpot win hit on Friday, where an anonymous player won €40,263 on the progressive jackpot of Block Bashers. The player didn't wish to specify what he would be using the money for, but one thing is for sure - he isn't done playing Block Bashers. 

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