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Player wins $170,169 Progressive Cyberstud Jackpot

Player wins 170 169 Progressive Cyberstud Jackpot

One of the biggest online cyberstud jackpots has been won this week, as Microgaming's version of the popular game had a winning hand combination and paid out the biggest prize to a jackpot winner of the game ever.

Cyberstud is Caribbean Stud and players contribute to the jackpot for every single hand they play, making the prize pool grow progressively. The lucky winner of the jackpot took home a massive $170,169 by hitting a royal flush while placing the ante and place a side bet.

The jackpot is not one that is won very often, actually it is only won around once a year on average or something like 11 times every 10 years. Players like the game because of their chance to win the progressive jackpot, but also because it has fixed jackpots and high prizes even when you're not winning the jackpot prize.

The winner of the prize wished to stay anonymous, but told the press that he was very surprised with the win. He wasn't sure what he wanted to spend the money on yet, besides taking a small holiday and have some fun with the family. Congratulations!