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Paradise City Casino Still Positive, Despite Falling Short Of Predicted Number Of Visitors

Paradise City Casino Still Positive Despite Falling Short Of Predicted Number Of Visitors

The $1.12 billion ‘foreigner-only’ Paradise Casino which opened in April in South Korea was expecting around 1.5 million visitors in its very first year has so far received a total 310,000 people. Though the numbers look disappointing, the venue has still nine months to catch up.

The property which is being jointly developed by South Korea’s Paradise Group and Japan’s Sega Sammy Holdings is the first full-fledged integrated casino resort in South Korea and is just a few minutes from Seoul’s Incheon International Airport.

The Paradise City is confident that the resort would be successful and claimed about 90% of the hotel rooms had been occupied ever since the first phase opened and expected a rise in the visitors after the opening of the second phase which will have more entertainment options as well as a boutique hotel.

Incheon is hoping of creating a tourism destination by achieving a critical mass through investors by keeping South Korean citizens at bay, limiting revenue potential.