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Online gaming dead-zones in New Jersey

Online gaming dead zones in New Jersey

One of the most important rules for legalizing and regulating online gambling and poker in New Jersey was to be able to guarantee that gambling and poker would not be available beyond the state's borders.

To be able to comply with that requirement, a number of technology companies working for the Atlantic City casinos which have acquired licenses, have build virtual fences or digital walls near the state borders, but not always conforming to the exact border path.

As a result of this, some places within New Jersey will not be able to access online gambling or poker games even though they might technically still be within the state borders.Some of these places include the edge of the state border along the Hudson and Delaware rivers to prevent neighbouring residents to make use of the services by just crossing the border.

But according to David Rebuck, director of New Jersey's Division of Gaming Enforcement, "Unfortunately for some people, there may not be sufficient verification that they are in New Jersey (even if they are) and they'll be denied. It's an unavoidable consequence".

This is just one of the many things in a long list of checkpoints which the Division will be paying close attention to during the five day trial or testing phase which is to initiate prior to the official launch on November 26th.