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Online gambling in Pennsylvania not a sure bet

Online gambling in Pennsylvania not a sure bet

Pennsylvania has had much success with its land-based casinos but the state does not seem too eager to go online like its neighbours. While neighbouring Delaware and New Jersey are hasting course to launch online gambling and poker as soon as possible, Pennsylvania does not feel it has to compete and is instead adopting a "wait and see" attitude towards the issue.

According to Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board officials, there is no need to push a plan before there is evidence it is the right thing to do and observing the result of online gambling in Delaware and New Jersey can provide a window into how profitable and benefitial the move would actually be.

During a conference in Philadelphia, William Ryan Jr., chairman of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, exposed his point of view in front of a panel of experts in online gambling regulations which included officials from its neighbouring states. Many states are considering to expand their gambling reach both land-based and online and this includes Massachusetts and Florida. Ryan basically reduced his state's opinon on the matter: “I don’t see any real groundswell right now for Internet gaming”.

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