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Online casino on gaming consoles


Casino games are conquering every digital realm possible. First it was on computers, then online via browsers worldwide, then came handheld devices and now it seems they are making their way into gaming consoles. While casino gaming over the internet and over handheld devices has seen a massive surge, the opposite seems to be the case with console gaming which is lagging way behind. The question remains, why?

Consoles have amazing graphics and animations and are powered by powerful computers an enjoy the same internet speeds as other online devices. But game manufacturers still are reluctant to produce casino games. Maybe the reason is more of a social one.

Casino gaming onlin does not just provide an entertainment outlet with a chance to win real money but it also provides a social platform with which to meet an play with other people attending the same casino or poker room. This feature is well known and standard in onlin casino gaming but it hasn’t been properly exploited on gaming consoles.