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Online casino blackmailers jailed


Two hackers have pleaded guilty before a British court to charges of blackmail and unauthorized acts on computers. A Manchester Crown Court heard about how the two programmers had approached the owners of two online gambling companies asking for a meeting at first to later try to force them to give up up to 50% of their businesses under threat of disruption by hacking their electronic properties.

During the meetings with one of the victims, the pair of hackers demanded 50% of the stake in the manchester online casino company owned by th fitst victim who then declined and had to suffer the virtual attack on his servers effectively stopping all operations of the company. The attacks were carried out by a United States based hacker by the nickname of “Wapo”.

The attack came in the form of a distributed denial of service or DDOS which is a massive attack on servers in a way that all systems are overwhelmed and become paralysed. These attacks were carrid out on August second after the duo paid Wapo up to £12,000. The hackers admitted to the attack while on a Skype conversation. One of them was recorded as saying “You have to understand last time we tried diplomacy, we talked, did call, meet etc. After that we understand only power talks in this world, now we have enough power so people can’t try to push us around anymore.”