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Norway to liberalize the gambling market

Norway to liberalize the gambling market

On October 14th, a new government coalition ascended to power in the Scandinavian country, and it has announced it has plans to liberalize the local online gambling and gaming markets while also allowing access to its home market to foreign operators.

The new plan calls for online gaming and mobile gaming platforms to be introduced as early as November with 64 new games on offer including poker and casino games. The playing hours allowed are from 07:00 to 03:00 and very strict policies regarding daily and monthly loss limits will also be introduced. The maximum monthly loss will be capped at 10,000 NOK (roughly €1232) which although quite low for serious gamblers and poker players, still is a step up from previous allowances.

Norwegian players are still not happy with the rules set in place and have thus turned to alternative options in the ever growing gray-area market. While the government has tried to restrict foreign operators from poaching its local customer base, little to no success has been had. Norwegian freedom of speech laws also have made it very difficult to enforce any kind of advertising controls.

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