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North Wood Casino to open in Berlin next month

North Wood Casino to open in Berlin next month

A charitable gaming center, North Woods Casino plans to open in Berlin next month. The casino is leasing St. Keiran Community Center for the Arts building.

It is licensed to Robin and Monique Lavertu and it plans to operate there on the days when the center is not holding a show or performance.

Robin Lavertu said, "I decided to open a casino because I was searching for a way to assist the region's effort for attracting tourists and help local charities."

Lavertu also said that he has witnessed both the good and bad times here. He hopes that the casino would bring people to the city and entertain them and also provide them something interesting to do while they go there to use the ATV trails or other recreational assets.

"My main motive is not making money," he said.

Although New Hampshire doesn't allow casino gambling, it allows 'charitable gambling'. Now North Woods casino would be the 16th licensed casino that runs these games with 35 percent of the gross revenues going to the charity and another 10 percent to the state.

Lavertu mentioned that they would offer 13 tables offering black jack, double twist blackjack, Texas Hold'em Poker and roulette.

"I cannot open unless and until I have a charity," he said.

Lavertu expects to hire 25 to 30 employees where most of the positions would be part-time and they would be paid well.

“I’m excited about starting this,” he said.

He also revealed that he enjoys gaming a lot. But as he is the owner of the casino, he would not be able to play there.

He said he is planning to inaugurate the casino on May 20.

Retired after having a career in the Army, Lavertu said he is currently associated with N.H. Employment Security office in Berlin as a part-timer.