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NordicBet stopping operations outside of Scandinavia

NordicBet stopping operations outside of Scandinavia

NordicBet sent an email to its non-Scandinavian customer base announcing that all player not located in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands would lose access to the site and their accounts starting on January 2nd. The closure would include bingo, poker, casino and sports betting.

Players outisde the mention countries can however open an account at Betsson, a related online gaming site. Poker players outside these countries will have their funds moved to a sportsbook account. Players will have until February 2nd to withdraw their money.

There is speculation that the decision to pull from all markets but the nordic countries is in response to a new legislation in the UK whoch requires operators to be licensed in the country and pay 15% tax on UK gambling revenues. The tax was introduced in 2005 but necause of a technicality operators offshore were allowed to avoid paying the tax.

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