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No Online Gambling in State of Louisiana

No Online Gambling in State of Louisiana

Bobby Jindal, Governor for Louisiana has written an article for the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report where he expresses his disregards towards online gambling and ensures that he will do what he can to stop it from spreading throughout the state.

Jindal explained in the article that he sees online gambling hurting the most vulnerable in the society through a negative effect.  He said:

 “I believe that putting a casino in the pocket of practically every American will exploit society’s most vulnerable, threatening to saddle the poor and disadvantaged with spiraling debt.”


Logically Jindal believes that there is a very big difference between land-based casinos and online casinos and says that "it is impossible to implement a responsible gaming protocol in an internet gambling environment. "


Jindal believes that the majority of Americans and residents in Louisiana agrees with him, saying that the vast majority of Americans believes that online gambling is a bad thing. Jindal continued to say that the 2011 reversal of the Wire Act of 1961 was a mistake and that he will do whatever he can to prevent online gambling becoming legal in the state.

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