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Newly-Opened Floating Casino in Galveston Crashes Into a Buoy

Newly Opened Floating Casino in Galveston Crashes Into a Buoy

The Jacks or Better Casino yacht in Galveston Bay, which had opened two weeks previously, crashed into a buoy around North Holiday Drive.

The incident occurred at about 11:30 PM while there were customers on board but nobody was injured.

The casino released a statement that they were working with the coast guard to solve the problem. It was also reported that the incident was being investigated and that it is suspected the captain might have fallen asleep while behind the wheel.

Furthermore, representatives of the casino stated that the damage was minor and would require little effort to repair. The company also pointed out that wasn’t the first time a vessel had crashed into that particular buoy as it was not well visible.

Although La Vegas-style gambling is not permitted in Texas, the Jacks or Better yacht sails out 9 miles to federal waters where it is legal to play.

Facebook users have stood in defence of the floating casino, expressing hope the boat will be in operation soon.